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Custom table datagrid

The Custom table datagrid web part displays a grid (table) containing data retrieved from a specified custom table. Design of the web part can be modified using standard ASP.NET skins.

The web part belongs to the Custom tables module. Full documentation of the module can be found in Kentico CMS Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Custom tables.

Example of the web part:

ItemID ▲ItemCreatedByItemCreatedWhenItemModifiedByItemModifiedWhenItemOrderItemText
15310/20/2008 4:42:40 AM8010/29/2015 2:13:45 PM1Library
25310/20/2008 4:42:52 AM539/21/2011 11:57:42 PM2Sample text 2
35310/20/2008 4:43:01 AM5310/7/2009 5:54:34 AM3Sample text 3
4533/5/2010 9:51:55 AM 5/24/2013 1:10:55 PM4Sample text 4
52334/18/2018 2:23:11 PM2334/18/2018 2:23:11 PM5test