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Zones with effect

The Zones with effect web part provides a list of elements that define separate web part zones. The web part allows additional JavaScript effects (e.g. using jQuery) to be applied to the zones. The scripts used to generate the effects must be specified through the web part's properties.

More information about layout web parts in Kentico CMS can be found in Kentico CMS Developer's Guide -> Development -> Web parts -> Layout web parts.

Example of the web part:

  • Zones with effect

    This web part provides a simple list of web part zones with configurable markup and additional CSS or Javascript so you can apply visual effects to them.

    This particular example is using the jQuery Step carousel plugin. Click the arrows to browse through the zones.

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  • Other effects

    See the properties of this web part in Design mode and apply any other effect or jQuery plugin the same way. The zones are either encapsulated in a DIV with specific CSS class or you can define any custom markup before and after them.

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  • Other plugins

    jQuery plugins are the typical use for this but you are not limited by it. You can use any javascript that can manipulate the zones the way you wish.

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