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Univeral viewer

The Universal viewer web part renders the content of specified documents using the assigned ASCX transformations. It supports displaying of hierarchical data, can use hierarchical transformations and also has a built in pager.

Example of the web part:

Prague office Prague square 4
Prague , 645 22

Sydney office 1290 Sydney road
Sydney, 11111


We are looking for a quality assurance manager with at least 2 years experience in a business environment and 1+ years experience in developing and implementing complex quality assurance processes. Good oral and written communication skills and experience in building and managing a team required. Knowledge of international standards is an advantage.

Location: Prague office

We are seeking a sales manager with 3 to 5 years of successful sales or sales management experience. Excellent interpersonal, team building and organizational skills are required. Candidates with strong presentation skills are preferred.

Location: Sydney office