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Message board

The Message board web part displays a message board, including a list of all posted messages and a dialog for adding new messages. The board can either be public or owned by a specified user.

The web part belongs to the Message boards module. Full documentation of the module can be found in Kentico CMS Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Message boards.

Example of the web part:

Tutor in English, Essay Writing, Academic Research, Proofreading at designated location in Carson or Los Angeles.
Bachelors degree in English
Master's degree due in September 2017
3/21/2017 8:07:03 PM

Dan Clayton
Well Jane,

it looks like it's time to migrate your website to Kentico CMS. You would be surprised by the amount of other features that the CMS offers. With Kentico CMS, you website possibilities are simply unlimited.
9/19/2011 3:07:13 AM

Jane Bradfords
Cheers Mickey,

the board does work indeed. I can see your message and I'm just posting a reply. I think that it would be great to have such a message board on my own website. Unfortunately, the CMS that I am using does not have a feature like this :-(
9/19/2011 2:59:25 AM

Mickey Addison

I'm just trying out the functionality of this message board. I hope that when I post this message, other users will be able to see it and reply to it.
9/19/2011 2:56:27 AM

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